Privacy Policy

Based on (GDPR) Data protection Policy – 2018

According to this document, dated 6/27/2018, words ‘you’ and ‘your’ are meant to represent customers and phrases: ‘we’ and ‘our’ referee to the

More about how personal data is stored and later on used for various purposes:

In order to meet the needs of the customers, our company is obliged to collect visitors’ detailed information. We are requesting you to provide us with full name, address and invoice transaction details. All the submitted specifics will be used to get in touch with our clients and complete the work which they have opted-in for. Materials will not be sent to third party applications unless we’re in the need of collecting debt. In this particular case, our company is responsible to let you know about the instructions in order to have enough time to take an action. By not accepting the agreement, information will be locked but making full payment will be compulsory of yours.

If a visitor is not pleased with the end-results, he or she is able to hire lawyer in order to get ready for legal dispute.

Invoice and Billing

All the collected information will be sent to our offline diary in order to let our professional know about your order. After completing the package, invoice will be created which represents that engineer of our company has successfully executed his or her work.

Maintained data will be also stored in our online system, which is highly secured with various steps of verifications. In addition, only employees of ‘Get Locksmith’ have access to the software itself. No one is able to enter the restricted area without our permission, which has to be given in advance.

Key Duplication

Physical documentation will be stored into locked area with limited access. Only founders and members of the staff will be able to open it. In case having special request, company is bound to encrypt files with Multi lock system. Only foreign keys will have a possibility of removing information. Keys, themselves are being kept in special machine, so called personal computer, which is not directly connected into internet.

Accepting Online Payments

Website of ours is responsible for carrying out all the necessary processes regarding accepting payments via various methods. Either, online gateways of straight debit card opt-ins will be among the options.

Information Destruction

There is no data disposed at the current moment of writing document. In case receiving request of the customer who wants to remove his or her personal particulars, proper actions will be executed from our behalf. After abandoning key duplication details, there will be no chances of using similar services in the future.

Cookie Policy

By agreeing to the terms provided by ‘’, you as the customer are responsible for giving us personal information which helps our company to provide you with better overall experience.

Special kind of files are being downloaded into your computer in order to track actions of yours executed on our properties. Most commonly shopping cart information is being stored, which helps us develop customer oriented websites.

Later on, our company leaves itself a possibility of using provided statistics for various purposes, usually well-trusted third-party websites are used for delivering niche related advertisements.

Visitors have possibility of accepting official document while entering website of ours. However, you can also deny terms of services if you’re satisfied with above-mentioned guidance.